BeMicro SDK and HF2


The SDRstick™ HF2 is a small, low-power consumption Software Defined Receiver built in a narrow strip or "stick" form-factor. Utilizing an onboard LTC2208 16-bit @ 122.8MSPS Analog to Digital Convertor, 20dB LNA, 0-31db Attenuator (1dB Steps), Low-phase Noise Oscillator (-152dBc/Hz @ 10kHz) and Audio Codec with headphone output, the UDPSDR-HF2 with the BeMicro SDK FPGA development board, firmware load and an appropriate software package make a complete Digital Down Conversion HF receiver for 100KHz to 55MHz. The external antenna RF input is via an SMA connector. An SMA connector is also provide for a sine-wave GPS Disciplined Oscillator. Board power is supplied through an onboard power jack. Depending on the output power specification of the USB ports of the computer that is connected to the HF2, board power may be optionally supplied through the USB connector of the BeMicro SDK.

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